• Business Advisory

With decades of experience in developing systems, processes, and solutions to your every day business needs, Smile Information Services will work with you to ensure the important tasks that you don’t want to do are nevertheless developed and maintained the way you work, keeping them easy to understand and tailored to your needs.


  • Procedures (efficiency)
  • Instruction (How To)
  • Backup (Redundancy)

Business Procedures

  • Systemisation
  • Process Improvement

Services (Business Procedures)

Accounting, Bookkeeping

Streamline your financial management with SISCAN's Accounting and Bookkeeping services. Discover how we help you maintain accurate records, manage transactions, and stay on top of your financial health. Explore how our services bring order to your finances.

Numbers don't have to be daunting. Our Accounting and Bookkeeping services simplify your financial tasks. From tracking expenses to reconciling accounts, we ensure your financial records are organized and up-to-date. With us, you'll have a clear view of your financial standing, helping you make informed decisions.

  • Streamline and simplify financial management and tasks.
  • Maintain accurate, organized, and up to date records.
  • Manage transactions, track expenses, and reconcile accounts.
  • Maintain a clear view of financial health and make informed business decisions.


Build a solid foundation for your business with SISCAN's Structuring services. Uncover how we assist you in creating a well-organized framework, ensuring efficient operations and growth. Explore how we help structure your business for success.

A well-structured business is a resilient one. Our Structuring services help you define roles, responsibilities, and processes. We work with you to design an organizational framework that promotes clarity and efficiency. With a strong structure in place, your business is poised for steady growth.

  • Build business foundation and structure.
  • Design and implement well-organized frameworks to support efficient operations and growth.
  • Define roles, responsibilities, and processes.
  • Promote clarity and transparency.

Procedures, Policies, Systemisation

Efficiency meets consistency with SISCAN's Procedures, Policies, and Systemisation services. Learn how we help you establish clear guidelines, streamline processes, and create a harmonized work environment. Discover how our services enhance your business's operations.

In the world of business, consistency matters. Our Procedures, Policies, and Systemisation services guide you in creating standardized procedures and policies. This ensures everyone is on the same page, leading to smoother operations and enhanced collaboration. We help you systemize your business for optimal performance.

  • Ensure smoother operations with clear and standardized policies and procedures.
  • Establish consistent guidelines to enhance collaboration and improved culture in the work environment.


Empower your workforce with SISCAN's Instruction services. Explore how our training and instructional programs enhance skills, boost performance, and drive professional development. Discover how we transform learning into growth.

Investing in your team's growth is an investment in your business's success. Our Instruction services provide comprehensive training and development programs. From onboarding to skill enhancement, we equip your employees with the knowledge they need to excel. Transform your team into a powerhouse with our instructional expertise.

  • Comprehensive training and instructional programs.
  • Boost performance and drive professional development.
  • Onboarding and skill enhancement for employees.


Ensure the safety of your data with SISCAN's Backup services. Discover how our solutions create duplicate copies of your critical information, safeguarding against loss and unforeseen events. Explore how we provide peace of mind through data protection.

Data loss is a risk no one should take. Our Backup services act as a safety net for your valuable information. We create regular, secure backups of your data, ensuring that even if the unexpected happens, your information remains intact. With us, you can focus on your business, knowing your data is always safe and retrievable.

  • Regular scheduled backups of data.
  • Managed protection of personal and business files.
  • Secure data against unexpected disasters.
  • Duplicate copies of critical files stored securely to be quickly restored as required.

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